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Toastmasters 2009-10 Yearender

Camanava Brunch Toastmasters Club attaining Select Distinguished Club is uplifting but such has been countered by the decline of Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters Club which is depressing. Toastmasters clubs are like sports teams. They go up and down and therefore go through cycles of rebuilding.

I completed my 3rd run of the Competent Communication manual and 2nd run of… Continue

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Camanava Rising

It has been a great 2009-10 year for Camanava Brunch Toastmasters Club. The Club that I had almost given up for dead has finally stabilized. The club now has 15 members, the most it ever had since its charter year. It is also enroute to its first ever Select Distinguished Club award.

It actually took three attempts at club rebuilding to get the club where it is now. Back in 2007-08 when I was assigned to rebuild the club, I managed to get the club to receive its first ever…


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Toastmasters Update

Yesterday, I went to DESCO Energy Solutions Toastmasters Club in Sucat, Paranaque to mentor the club members. With their irregular meetings, it crossed my mind that I should invite some of their members to clubhop and attend my Saturday morning sessions to hasten their personal and their club's progress. DESCO Toastmasters is a very interesting club and is worth the distance that I travel to and fro.. I really want to see DESCO establish itself as one of the better clubs in the… Continue

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Targeted Guerilla Marketing

Last week, I inserted my Toastmasters businesscard into 8 copies of Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, 10 copies of Speak Like Obama and Win, and 3 copies of How to Wow, Let's see how it turns out.

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Pondering About Blogging

To find an audience for my blogs I have to stick to my niche. Or niches--IP telephony, enterprise information systems, and Toastmasters in the Philippines. I should approach blogging the way I do in Toastmasters in brainstorming topics and writing and delivering presentations. In blogging, I don't have to worry about delivery. Finding time to write for the blog is the bigger challenge. I have to choose to blog over all other interesting things I do.

Writing about food,…


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Opportunities Created by the Great Firewall of China

With the Great Firewall of China blocking Facebook, Westerners are denied an easier path to build their network of business and social contacts in China. That simply raises the value of my activity in And with italki's top competition LiveMocha under the constant threat of being blocked off by the Great Firewall, I think I made the right choice in LiveMocha's user interface isn't as good as italki's though I noticed they're using Userplane. italki was very popular when… Continue

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Keeping an 800-seat BPO firm operating

Last Saturday, August 15, 2009, I received a call at 1:30 PM that the IP-PBX of one of our clients went down. Just like a fireman responding to an alarm, I called up my two techs who were already home to assist me in re-upping the system. They soon arrived and we headed immediately to the site.

I had earlier called up our HongKong support hotline and was told it was a minor issue. But then after two after hours of remote configuration and diagnostics, the HongKong man gave up and we… Continue

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Things I Learned and Others Didn't in Toastmasters

I learned to be a leader--both operational and strategic. Others think getting a CL or ALB norm makes them a leader. Nobody else in our local Toastmasters seems to know who Warren Bennis is.

I learned web copywriting, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing through my club websites. I don't see any new websites sprouting from other clubs.

A two-year hiatus from formal leadership duties should recharge me for future assignments and crystallize the leadership… Continue

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Redirecting Energies

It's time to get back to some things I have neglected for quite a while--work with some killer apps to build something useful.

Just bought 3 DVDs of Wireshark University--Bootcamp 01-- Wireshark Functionality and Fundamentals, Bootcamp 02--TCP/IP Network Analysis, Bootcamp 03--Troubleshooting Network Performance.

Yesterday, I was at a competitor roadshow to learn about their product features and advantages. Their competing product does not have an advantage over ours. I… Continue

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Into Podcasts On My Nokia E65

Last week I discovered an application for language learning that brought me into the world of podcasts--ChinesePod.

Yesterday, I decided that I should be using my Nokia E65 for listening to podcasts and not my laptop. Outside texting and phoning, the only application I had was demoing the E65 as a SIP WiFi phone in conjunction with a Mitel PBX.

I installed the Xilisoft Video Converter on my laptop and attempted to convert an MP3 podcast file from ChinesePod into an AAC… Continue

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I had just signed up for a 7-day trial of ChinesePod.

It's great so far. ChinesePod has made me appreciate podcasting as medium of communication. The podcasts are well-produced and are like entertaining radio talk shows. It adds another medium of learning for me and over 1000 podcasts have already been produced and made available at their website. That should systematically broaden my vocabulary and pick up more key patterns. Thr podcasts are divided in to 5 levels--newbie,… Continue

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Toastmasters Goals / 演讲目标, 2009-10

As of now, I have already completed my second run of both the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals on my second club, CaMaNaVa. I also did complete my Advanced Leader Bronze with my first club, the Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters Club, last October.

Two more speeches to go before I complete my Advanced Communicator Bronze and two months to go before I complete my term as concurrent President of two clubs.

For 2009-10, I will do a second run of my Advanced… Continue

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[Event] italki Chatfest Manila: meet your online classmates, the world's leading social network site for language learning and exchange is inviting its members to an evening of dining and chatting with their language peers and partners. Share tips and experiences on language learning and make new friends along the way. Online learning has never been this fun.

April 30, 2009, Thursday, 7:00PM

Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Banawe corner Del Monte Avenue,

Quezon City, Metro… Continue

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作为国际演讲会和本值乐部的会员, 我承诺如下:


尽自己的最大怒力, 以 (有效交流)手册,Advanced Communication (高级交流)
手册戓 Competent Leadership (有效交导)手册为指导, 我的演讲单元戓


向会友提出有益的. 建没性开评意见;

帮助值乐部的保特积极向上。 团結友好的环境,以利所有会员的学习和成长;

接到要求时挺身而出。 担任值乐部于部;


邀请平宾惨加值乐部会议, 让他们亲眼目睹加入演讲人值乐部的种种好处;



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My italki Language Partners


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Far From the Malling Crowd

The last time I was here at Starbucks Banawe was way back May, 2007. Now they may have the fastest WiFi hotspot.

January 1 is usually a day where I go out and drive to areas where I have long not been to. I could not think of a place to go to so I ended up looking for someplace where I could simply code or blog on my laptop, with or without Internet access.

Everything is in the neighborhood and the adjacent one.… Continue

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2008 in Review

The year 2008 has been an empowering year for me.

I improved greatly on my public speaking skills through Toastmasters and real-world presentations. I got a recall from Mitel, got reacquainted with the world of telecoms, and was introduced to the huge potential of SIP trunking. Thanks to some crazy customers who pushed me into delivering certain features. I immersed myself in italki, a language exchange social network I discovered back in 2007, and felt further empowered in being… Continue

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Backpacking Light

It is that time of the year again when I examine myself, my goals, directions, and get rid of some stuff. Keeping things light has always been an obsession. I carry a backpack to work and office can mean anywhere with or without Internet connection, preferably with AC outlets although I could go 2 hours on battery. I just made an inventory of software installed after deinstalling those I have not been using. What is left are the following:

Outpost Firewall, Office 2003, Mitel Sales… Continue

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My Toastmasters Yearender

Several months after completing such norms as Competent Communicator and Competent Leader and achieving President's Distinguished Club and mere Distinguished Club with Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters Club and CaMaNaVa Brunch Toastmasters Club, respectively, what remains and dwells in my mind are not the awards and norms achieved this 2008 but how much better I am as speaker and presenter and as leader and manager in running a club.

In Toastmasters, one has to complete a specific number… Continue

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My Most Frequented Websites

Here is a list of my most frequented websites:

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