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Camanava Brunch Toastmasters Club attaining Select Distinguished Club is uplifting but such has been countered by the decline of Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters Club which is depressing. Toastmasters clubs are like sports teams. They go up and down and therefore go through cycles of rebuilding.

I completed my 3rd run of the Competent Communication manual and 2nd run of advanced manuals Speaking to Inform and Technical Presentations. Will work on my next run of the Competent Communication manual in Mandarin and advanced manuals The Professional Speaker and Storytelling for my Advanced Communicator Silver norm.

Somehow, I am no longer excited about invites from other clubs for their induction parties. Been there two years ago as President of two clubs and that is enough. Simply glad that I am still able to escape Area Governor duties or I would be deluged by invites all year round. I would rather focus on my personal goals and not be distracted.

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