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Theo McCoy thinks that COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER may be the best in the world,

The Famous Podcaster, TikToker & Instagrammer begins the video with gusto, ". Hi. I'm Theo and this is a big hello to the cool staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

Theo continues his compliments and even invents a word when saying, "I want to say a huge congratulations on your 12th year anniversary in business. That is ginormous."

"Well done to all of you. I am sure you all have been working super hard." Melbourne, Australia's has given Theo the same hard work ethics to ensure endurance and long lasting success. He can appreciate the intense competition in the offshore outsourcing telemarketing industry. He continues to focus on helping People Leverage Disruptive Change Through Meaningful Communication.

"So, congratulations on making it this far. Well done to you all." His impressive work as an Outreach Coordinator at Resilient Futures has properly prepared him to influence the world in a positive light. Just like our BPO customer service agents can make a fist call resolution when clients enter our queues. Theo background includes a history in the online video production space. He currently works in the media communications & messaging field for Resilient Futures, creating meaningful and purposeful communication to help spread the message of changing ahead of change, and promote the opportunities to leverage disruption rather than falling into Managed Adaptive Decline and falling foul of its consequences.

"How can I go past mentioning the classic art deco building, your neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines 50's cafe." Theo appreciates the fact that a positive work environment can bring out the best in employees while reducing call center attrition. Barrio Aranjuez has a beautiful 3 story outsourcing company with a real gamification business culture to increase morale

"and vintage Mercedes limousine. Pura Vida." CCC has restored a classic 300D lang for our guests, clients. In addition, Daisy the Limo participates in many special classic car events and parades taking place around Costa Rica.

"Gee Wiz, you have got it all." Theo hits the nail on the head regarding the boss, the office perks and how Richard leads the best telemarketing team in Central America.

The video winds down with some final thoughts, "So, well done to everyone at Costa Rica's Call Center. This call center may just be the best call center in the world."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this personal shout out. Stay safe Theo and PURA VIDA.


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