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GARRET DUNN is impressed by the dope limo for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER guests.

The video begins with a smart question, "What's up Costa Rica's Call center?" Garret Dunn is the Director of Finance & Strategy at Cameo HQ in Chicago. He started out as the

Finance & Strategy Manager in 2019, but after a solid nine months, he earned a promotion to lead the finance team. Well done.
"This is a message from me, Garret. Booked by your boss, Richard." CCC likes to go the extra mile for their staff and clients. The CEO enjoys having personal videos made to enhance morale and motivate the telemarketers. We continue our outreach to other business executives in all verticals that like to make shout outs to Ticos.

"Big congrats to all you guys for your 12th year in business." As an alumni of the University of Iowa - Henry B. Tippie College of Business, Garret can appreciate the struggle, risk and joy in creating a business that can endure the test of time. The offshore business outsourcing industry is very competitive. The luxury of a track record with the addition to the CEO on site, has ensured CCC the stable foundation to last over a decade in telemarketing services.

"I hear you got a classic art deco building, neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines, 50's cafe." Obviously, any successful individual finds the time to balance their work with fun. CCC encourages a retro gamification free play arcade experience. The call center is known for the best company culture where the boss not only knows your name, but will play pinball and pacman with you as well to relax and bond.

Garret sees the advantage of a classic ride when he said, "Vintage 300D Mercedes Limo. That all sounds dope." All special guests are met at SJO for a memorable ride in luxury and comfort. The 1984 Lang is ready for a straight shot to the beach or a leisurely ride in the mountains.

"Big congrats on the 12th year. I think that is pretty impressive." Any business leader can understand what it takes to make it. Garret is a professional that can spot talent and encourage his network to continue winning.

"The video concludes with a final thought for the local Ticos, " Big fan of Costa Rica myself and Pura Vida."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida GARRET.


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