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April 2007 Blog Posts (23) in the New York Times

Brad Stone of the NY Times just wrote a story on mobiles and social networking which featured one of the companies we're working with -- The co-founder, Daniel Graf, was pretty chuffed to see the story not only was placed on the first page of the busines section, but it also had a mention on the front page of the paper. You can check it out here. Howard Hartenbaum of Draper Richards…


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I want to welcome vistors to my site here. At the moment I'm not exactly sure what I'll be posting. Posts could range from normal ramblings and stuff I am writing. I might even post stuff my friends write and get published. Returns here later and find out what is going on.

Thanks in advance.


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Here your find the best distributor of some of the highest quality coffees and teas

Here your find the best distributor of some of the highest quality coffees and teas. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker this is the place for you. Will talk about how tea and/or coffee are healthy for you and all about the great stuff about them!

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Who knows how many Asians there are in the UK?

Hi, Does anybody know how many Asians there are in the UK? Be it 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation? Does anybody also know their spending potential or how much they generate for the UK economy?

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Happy Hour in Wilmington, DE

If anyone lives in Wimington, DE, contact me.

A group of us are meeting for drinks and coffee

On Friday, April 27.

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Going Behind Your Back

Share a comment about how you feel when someone you trusted

"goes behind your back" and talks in a negative way or tries to do

the same thing you created.

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OpenCoffee Boston

My friend Bijan and I kicked off the Boston edition of OpenCoffee (inspired by Saul Klein, read the original post/vision that started OpenCoffee Club).

We meet every Wednesday, 8:30am-12pm at Andala Coffee in Cambridge.

Start your day with a mix of fellow entrepreneurs and… Continue

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My Top List Directory

Top List Directory


Computers &…

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Joining the opencoffee club

I almost feel embarrassed joining this crew without even having ever posted a blog.In fact I have -on behalf of clients.
I currently work for a digital agency but have some grandiose ideas of my own.
I plan to start my personal blog along with some video blogs(making film is one of the things I am most passionate about),and soon I will be sharing this with you guys and hopefully the world!!

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Opencoffee Club Belgium

The Opencoffee Club Belgium has been created last saturday with a first meeting in Bruxelles including 10 people representing 7 blogs. This was a great time meeting us, having a couple of drinks in this shiny day.

We are now working on the second meeting that, we hope, should be held soon.

We hope to have more people for this next coming event.

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What is Hypesphere?

During Recent years user generated content on the Internet has had an explosive growth. The Internet has become a decentralised network of user's creating and uploading personal blogs, photos, podcasts and videos. We will refer to these items as a user's Personal Internet Assets (PIAs)

As the production and consumpition of PIAs has become an integral part of web activity the need/want for a user to share his… Continue

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Why I joined...

Joined this site to learn more about Ning, and to meet business savvy Web 2.0 minds and world-class AJAX/php software engineers. I'm a loyal IBMer, former VC (with several contacts in industry) and aspiring entrenpreneur. Email me if you would like to know more. Resume attached. Download R.Scott.Spencer_Resume_4.07ps.pdf

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Biz Buzz

I am the President and principal architect of GT Management, a young and bold business resource company. We seek the cutting edge solutions everyone does, but with a unique application: to small businesses and small towns and rural areas. These business consumers have always covetted the high tech efficiencies of urban based big businesses but have never been able to access them due to their inability to scale those costs to their market sizes. The urban/high tech benefactors did not mind, they… Continue

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WirelessMatch -UK's Wireless Funding Network: Introduction

Hi Open Coffee Club members

WirelessMatch was set up due to a perceived funding gap in the funding escalator regarding companies with wireless, mobile internet, online media and mobile telecoms companies.

WirelessMatch is gathering a network of investors, both sector relevant individuals (often former entrepreneurs themselves) and TMT venture and development capital funds interested in pre-screened investment opportunities requiring funding.

We are interested in hearing…


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RIT Digital Entrepreneurship

RIT Digital Entrepreneurship is my social network on ning that began as a class of students from many different disciplines on the RIT campus. Now it includes interested parties from around the globe. Please come in and offer your expertise.

PS: I made the mistake of making the site private, so you will have to "ask to join". So far I have said yes to all.


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this is a test

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Seattle entrepreneurs and early stage investors unite over coffee

I've often thought there needs to be more connection amongst the entrepreneurs in Seattle. So here you go....let's see what happens. I'm committed to trying this format for a while and seeing how it goes. Come join me for coffee.

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great idea to get the OCC going in Boulder...

Hi, glad to be here, looking forward to making it to one of these. Highly caffeinated tech-talk rules.

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Move It To Colorado

Are you a Bay Area start-up that needs to trim expenses? Move it to Colorado.

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