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Indian premier league- A Sport or Just Business

The lately concluded indian premier league has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past three years of its existence. It has always had some controversy or the other connected to it, be the bidding of players, exclusion of Pakistani players by the owners, slapping of a fielder by another on the field, owners walking out on their team, rumors of love relationships starting off the field, match fixing, populace twitting about IPL secrets, so on and so forth... The list is quite big.

Indian premier league managed to bring in the sort of celebrity and name to Lalit Modi that nothing else could have possibly done, he says he has seen many ups and downs in his life and the recent showdown is not no matter which but a passing phase. But credit must be given to him for all the effort he has put in the past three years to bring IPL to a stage where it currently is. Only this man had the guts to get Indian premier league moved out to South Africa and get all the preparations done in such a short notice, when players from abroad showed apprehensions about security in India after 26/11. Only this man had the guts to bring business tycoons like Mukesh Ambani & Vijay Mallaya opposite each other hostility to win the bids for cricket players and still support him enthusiastically when the entire BCCI crowd turned their back on him.

Many hard core cricket fans call Indian premier league a mockery of cricket, a circus, just a mere business where a number of people are minting money cuz one nation is so crazy about this one game. But you may say whatever; IPL has provided some good cricketing action, mindblowing entertainment to all hardcore fans of cricket in India, where cricket is nothing less than a religion and Sachin Tendulkar a God.
Australia must be counted among the favorites’ for the icc world cup 2011. Their ODI record in 2010 speaks for itself; in 21 matches played they have won 15, losing just five, while one match ended without result. Compare this with India's evidence in 2010; India have played 21 matches, and won 12, while losing 9. Importantly, they lost the Asia Cup, involving four teams, in January, and did better as the year rolled on, and in their last match, the effectual final of the tri-series in Sri Lanka, lost chasing 300 to win.

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