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CARA LOOZIAS wants a pinball machine from COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

CARA LOOZIAS wants a pinball machine from COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER
The high energy shout out begins with a million dollar smile while saying, "Hello to my friends at the COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER."

She continues with her admiration towards a BPO anniversary, "Heard you guys are celebrating 12 years in business. That is crazy. That is like half my life."

"You all must be super hard workers. Must be plugging away.Must have the best boss ever. Richard!" Cara clearly understands that hard work, discipline and a little fun can be the perfect combination for long term success.

"But yeah, congratulations. I heard it is a cool place to work." CCC strives to offer our bilingual telemarketers the best working environment in Barrio Aranjuez.

"I heard you guys have an art deco building.You have some kind of Mercedes, some kind of arcade."

Cara seems to gravitate towards our solid gamification call center culture. "11 pinball machines. The 11 pinball machines seems like a bit of overkill. But yeah, I'll gladly take one if you are looking to offload any of them."

"But it seems like the best place to work.Hope you are getting work done with the pinball machines. Clearly it is working. I think every business should adopt that plan just to have an abundance of pinball machines and fun activities in the building." Cara is spot on regarding having a free play arcade to increase of employee morale while reducing attrition. She will be an amazing boss and strong leader with those ethics.

"But yeah, congratulations. Keep working hard. keep plugging away." CCC continues to hire, train and motivate the most talented Ticos.

Cara follows up her understanding on how properly oversee a company, "Keep being nice to Richard because he loves you guys."

She concludes the video with a strong finish when she says, "And yeah, congratulations 12 years."



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