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Milly Millhauser wants to visit Costa Rica's Call Center on her next trip to paradise.

The video begins in high spirits, "Hello. Milly from Cameo here." Milly Millhauser is a strong team member in the Strategic Partnerships department. She continues to build international relations with a Central America BPO company.

"This is for the Tico staff in celebration of their 12th year anniversary in business." As a proud Alumni of Syracuse Universit, Milly can appreciate how endurance can assist an offshore outsourcing call center compete. The competition is fierce in the BPO industry.

"I am sorry if I mispronunced Tico. I truly am sorry." No pasa nada. Costa Ricans are very humble and relaxed. In addition, the local Tico culture is considered on of the leaders in the nearshore call Centre service industry in Latin America.

The shout out continues with a touch of taste and style when she says, "I am sure that your classic art deco building with neon marquees." CCC has a beautifully lit 3 level structure on the corner of 11th avenue and 23rd street in Barrio Aranjuez. She is an expert in creative Problem solving who is able to excel at efficiently navigating and organizing guest appearances at large scale events. Naturally, Milly noticed that a neon light can make a huge first impression and shine the brightest.

"A juke box arcade & American pinball machines." Our call center has a free play arcade for staff and guests. A gamification work culture has enabled us to successfully reduce our attrition and increase performance when making or receiving calls.

'A vintage 1984 Mercedes Limo is amazing." We believe that all guests should be received in comfort. CCC will personally meet our visitors at SJO for a trip to the beach. Milly has in-depth knowledge of both the entertainment industry and more specifically comic book/SciFi based media. A limo goes hand in hand.

"I am a Miami girl, so I can see that all in my brain. My family and I went to Costa Rica two weeks ago. So, Pura Vida." Milly knows first hand the amazing culture CR has to offer. The local labor force is considered a powerhouse in the nearshore telemarketing industry.

"I loved everything about the country and can't want to get back when this is all over." Most of our clients enjoy visiting our call center. It is only a few hours by plane from the USA and has direct flights to SJO.

The shout out continues with a sincere message, "So, congratulations again on your 12th year anniversary and I hope you guys are safe and healthy down there."

"Again, this is from Richard, the best boss ever." The video concludes with the biggest compliment any CEO could ask. Thank you Milly.

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this Cameo. Pura Vida Milly.


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