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Amanda Glanz knows who is the best boss in the Outsourcing BPO industry in Costa Rica.

Amanda Glanz knows who is the best boss in the Outsourcing BPO industry in Costa Rica.

The video begins with spirit, "Hello to the Costa Rica's Call Center from Richard. Who is 100% the world's best boss." As the Senior Product Manager at Cameo, Amanda can appreciate the fact that a CEO takes the time to deliver gifts to the customer service staff.

"He wanted to say hello to all of you and say congratulations for celebrating your 12h year in business." With a degree from Washington University in St. Louis in Psychology, Amanda knows that a positive mindset is one of the many ways to achieve success in the competitive offshore BPO industry.

She continues with her acknowledgement with a sincere thought, "That is something to be really proud of." Amanda is an energetic risk taker who is able to turn big ideas into easily digestible, creative products that people love to use. Her passion is finding elegant and implementable solutions to a problem at hand and creating meaningful, user-centric products.

"I hear you guys have an amazing location and some really cool stuff to offer your guests." CCC goes the extra mile to reduce attrition and to increase all KPI and call center metrics. Amanda is a firm believer in seeking the right answers through asking the right questions. Her experiences have made her a serial optimizer with a strong interest in authentic human growth and continual improvement. That is why a positive outsourcing work environment can produce the results clients are expecting when nearshoring their support.

Amanda shows that she has style and class when she mentions our location, "Like, a classic art deco building with neon marquees." CCC has a beautiful classic structure located in Barrio Aranjuez.

"Jukebox arcade, American pinball machines" Our call center has the best gamification free play arcade in Latin America.

"and a vintage 1984 Mercedes Limo for VIPS. Like, ho do I get a ride in one of those? Sign me up." Amanda knows that luxury transportation is key to making visiting clients happy. We are able to personally meet our clients at SJO for a trip to the beach in style and comfort.

The video concludes wth some final positive words, "I hope you all are having an amazing day and Pura Vida."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this Cameo. Thank you Amanda y PURA VIDA.


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