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E-Play Project II

This may be a bit lengthy but if you want your team to succeed then I highly advise you to read this in its entirety.
Since we started the pre-pre-launch with our group last weekend (June 9th), thousands of people have registered with EVO and now have their own replicated site to be able to go out there and promote this opportunity before we approach pre launch phase on July 15th. The growth has been incredible. However, many of you may not realize the true magnitude of what you have in your hands right now.

To help you all understand the vision and the concept here is a simple explanation:

The EVO opportunity is not your normal run of the mill online business opportunity.

There are 3 powerful elements that have come together to create the EVO opportunity:

1. Social networking
2. Casual skill games or family entertainment or recreational games.

Choose your words carefully as we do not want people to think we are in any way asscociated with gaming or gambling, which EVO is most certainly not, and that is why it is a global opportunity with no legal restrictions, anywhere, including the

3. A very powerful pay plan .

Evo is about:

* Building a social networking community - just like "you tube", "my space" and instant messengers.

* Members of the community being able to socially interact

* Having fun and be entertained on the casual games platform that has been bolted on to the social networking site.

* People being able to generate a monthly income from the massive growth in both social networking and online casual games.

Like any social networking sites everyone can join for free, and have their social networking tools i.e be able to upload their own profile etc... This will allow us to populate the site and grow the community.

Imagine being part of a community whereby you can challenge your buddy or your team members or people within the community to a game of pool, backgammon, puzzle games etc., or get involved in multi-player challenges, or even get involved in tournaments, whereby thousands are playing in a league system. There will be interaction between people yet at the same time they'll be having fun and being entertained.

You can play for free and develop your skills in a particular game that you like and when you are a master at it you can then challenge people and win cash prizes.

Now for those of you who see the big picture, you can get involved in the business opportunity as well as having fun. You will develop a monthly residual income. The pay plan is so simple yet so powerful that it will enable many who have never suceeded in other programs to achieve success as long as they are actively building their business.

The best thing is, all free members will sign up in someone's affiliate link, which means if they do not join as earners, the affiliated member will make money from the player revenue created by the free community members. It's very clear that the best option is to join as an earning member when the time comes to do so. That will not be until September -- which brings me to the launch phases:

* We are in pre-pre-launch phase now, so all of us have the advantage of being the "first Mover".

* Official pre-launch is on July 15th. This momentous event will be held in the
UK. (There are only a about a 1000 tickets left, maybe lesser.)

At this point your pre-pre-launch EVO site will be replaced with the actual social networking and gamers platform. You will have the communicator (powerful unique selling point of the project), you will have your games platform with some of the games uploaded, plus all the tools and many other features that will help you to build your community.

This are all for free, in fact you still do not have to commit financially to the until the Grand opening in September. We will be recieving updates and all the information to evaluate the opportunity, so you can make an informed decision coming September. What else can we ask for?

At this moment, we have attracted some elite and high calibre individuals from both the network marketing and the internet marketing arena. Probably one of a very few companies out there that has brought together both types of marketers.

The main comment from many of the top network marketers has been the uniqueness of this opportunity. There is no other company in the industry doing the same, and to many that is a breath of fresh air -- in comparison to so many online business opportunities which are involved in health and wellness, telecoms etc. EVO is moving with the times and keeping up with technology.

My personal strength is in Network marketing, and developing leaders, and there are huge number of people who are more experienced than I am who have the same strength. However we also have a large number of very high profie internet marketers, who are brilliant in bringing massive numbers into the community in a short period of time.

So as the internet marketers amongst us bring in the people to the community, the network marketers amongst us will be tidying behind them, providing the stable solid foundation to help people build their business.

We are working to support all of you.

Currently I and a number of leaders particularly from the network marketing background are working on setting up tools and systems to support and help all of you and your team members.

Currently we are working on web-conferencing in various languages to be held daily and at different time zones, training, business presentation so you can all direct your prospects to listen to a professional presentation of the EVO opportunity.

We are also working on a automated business building system, which has been tested and is now ready to be shared with all of you. This is an auto pilot, "email on steroids" ("EMOS") system that anyone use to build a business on an automated system online.

We want to see all of you succeed, the leaders amongst us are working hard behind the scenes to make sure you all have the same chance of succeeding in this opportunity. We want to create a team that gesl and blends, the kind you have not experienced before.

We are doing everything we can, but ultimately, your success depends on what you do and the actions you take. So get involved in the team and lets go for a very enjoyable ride to achieve all your goals what ever it may be.

Please also note your genealogy is now available at the back office, log on go to “prospector”, and you will see the “Genealogy button” in there. You can download your prospect and send them E-mails personally.

One final point, in the back office of your EVO site, you have the facility to "tell a friend", use that facility to share this unique opportunity with everyone you know. Every person you introduce is potentially worth US$100 to you in fast start bonus alone. So, how many hundred dollars do you want to get?

To your success,

Wouter van den Brink

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