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Project E-Play

All I can say is brace yourself for what's heading our way! It's exciting, fun and those who start taking action today can go on to make a very substantial repeating income!

Before going into exactly what action to take next, it is important that you understand the E-Play vision and concept.

E-Play is going to be a 'Social Networking' or 'Social Marketing' site for the millions around the globe who like entertainment. People who like to entertain themselves and have fun with their friends, family, business associates and new contacts they make on the Internet on a daily basis.

Simply put, E-Play is a community of people who all have the same interest - to be entertained and have fun by online casual games. However Project e-Play has a twist you will just love!

What is Online Social Networking?

Social Networking websites are all the rage in 2006 and 2007. Just recently Google bought YouTube for a shocking $1.65 Billion. That's surely enough to convince you to pay very close attention to what you are about to hear today.

Go back just a few years and it was thought that Social Networking wouldn't ever catch on. Okay it was great to have online community websites where folks could drop by, exchange a few messages and pictures and make new friends. But was it going to be enough, or would boredom set in?

Well boredom didn't set in! It became a global phenomenon. Things have advanced so much in the last few years that today Social Networking is changing the way millions of people live their lives.

Today the Internet offers you another virtual world to live in, play in, and come Evolution Day, make money in!

Now that's exciting!

Don't worry! You're not going to have to learn anything new. Evolution Day is when the opportunity gates explode wide open to a brand new way of earning a living, thanks to Online Social Networking and what is now being called by the Project e-Play founders, Social Marketing.

So What Exactly Is A Social Networking Website?

A Social Networking Website is like an online community, a place where people go to have fun, share interests, make new friends or simply hang out. A classic example is the amazing Social Networking website - A 3D online digital world that's created and owned by its residents, which at the time of writing has a population of more than 5 million people. Someone actually sold a house on SecondLife a short while ago for over $1million real US dollars!

1. Social Networking
• There are 170 million MySpace members.
• MySpace increased their traffic in the last year by 107.3%.
• There are 500 million Skype users.
• Instant messaging is set to be the fastest growing communication
medium, and will develop in half the time it took e-mail.

2. Blogs
• There are currently 70 million blogs and that's growing everyday
• There are about 120,000 new blogs created everyday
• 1.4 new blogs created every second
• 17 blog posts per second
• 22 blogs are amongst the top 100 most popular sites on the web

Now the Next Evolution

3. Social Marketing
• Using Social Networking & Casual Online Games of skill as a
platform to make a Residual Income.

What Is Online Casual Skill Gaming?

Look at some ordinary Casual Games sites.

Pogo is the largest casual games site in the world. Go on this site and there could be 280,000 people - At any one time - playing and interacting with one another. That's a huge number.

King is another example of a casual games site. with more than 40 million games played in January 2006 alone. With people spending an average of 1.5 hours on the site playing games each time they enter.

Imagine the potential of putting an income earning structure behind any of these Casual Games sites, so the average person could earn money when others are playing these and many other games of skill, just the way they do now?

Well it is about to be launched, and it's called Project E-play...

Online Skill Gaming is growing at a phenomenal rate and it's believed that by 2009 the industry will double in size and be worth a staggering £41 Billion. This is colossal and this is your chance to join one of the most successful teams in the company, and benefit from our automated recruitment system. You're in the right place at the right time!

Casual Games experts at this years Games Convention, attended by everyone who is anyone in this industry. Companies like Microsoft and Sony are saying that the casual online games industry is where television was 100 years ago. However it is expected to only take 5 years to do what television took 100 years to achieve, and become a $Trillion Dollar Industry!

Why the popularity? Because you can make friends with people from all over the world, and challenge them to online games whilst interacting and having fun!

This is the basis behind Project e-Play

About Project E-Play

When E-Play arrives it will turn Skill Gaming, Social Networking and Network Marking into one of the most explosive, most dynamic, most affordable home businesses ever seen.

We can't reveal full income potential here and now because so much is Highly Classified and protected against industry sabotage. But here are the 10 Jewels of the Pay Plan we can share with you right now:

The 10 Jewels of the Pay Plan - Overview

1. Fast Start Bonus: This bonus is paid to Affiliates to work with and help their new Affiliates get off to a fast start.

2. Instant Pay: The Fast Start Bonus is not paid monthly, weekly, or
even daily - it is paid as soon as you earn it! Instantly!

3. Power Pool Revenue Share: This is paid out early in the plan so all
new Affiliates' costs can be covered very quickly.

4. Generation Bonus: Paid on game play turnover and paid through
7 levels, with infinity bonus for business builders at the higher levels.

5. 100% Matching Bonus: Paid on each and every personally sponsored
Affiliate. That means you earn what they earn on their generation
bonus income, no matter where you place them in your team.
A very powerful element of the plan.

6. Promotional Bonus: Unique cash incentive paid as you move up the
plan. It accumulates from when you join and is released when you
move up the levels of the pay plan – very clever!

7. Game Revenue: Your very own game site with exclusive game fun
games which are available in an unlimited supply, and you can earn
every time they play. – Very clever

8. Advertising share revenue: More details on this to be released.

9. Dynamic roll up,

10. Dynamic compression.

If I can tell you this much now, imagine what the 'Highly Classified' information is going to be like!

So What & When Is Evolution Day?

Evolution Day will see the launch of the brand new online entertainment platform currently code named Project E-Play!

The Launch of Project e-Play

There will be a three-phase launch for Project e-Play
Phase one: It will start around the beginning of June with teaser movies, promos, emails etc.

Phase two: Pre-launch indoor event July 15th. in the

Seating will be strictly limited. Those who attend will get to see and hear what's coming first and be able to take immediate advantage.

This event will be quickly followed by similar, smaller events in other countries.

Phase three: Launch will be during the last quarter of 2007 with multiple launch meetings to include Business Opportunity Meetings and training's. Venues will be across the globe and online.

What To Do Next!

It's absolutely essential you take action ASAP and join our Evolution Day Team.

Will there be e-Play Millionaires made?

You better believe it!

Understand the magnitude of adding Network Marketing to Online Casual Gaming and Social Networking and you won't sleep a wink.

Now, time is money. You can sit on the fence, check the Evolution Day emails I send and do nothing and lose out big time. Or you can make a commitment to join us and start preparing for a personal fortune. Those in at the beginning will make the most money... I just can't put into words how big this all is!

Thanks for the time you have given us. It has been a pleasure sharing this information with you, and I hope it has got you thinking about what's possible. You'll receive fantastic support and all the help you'll ever need from one of the most productive and successful teams in the business.

Bring on Evolution Day!

Wouter van den Brink


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