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At a glance: Specializes in Content Management Systems (C.M.S.) as well as in advanced e-business solutions.

: Offers innovative solutions and approaches in issues concerning the content and its publication. Through important co-operations and a strong framework, it offers individualized systems for every company.

Potential recipients:
Libraries and Organizations managing content online together with commercial forms such as magazines and every commercial activity that can be analyzed in internet steps.

We are looking for bodies in the state or private sector that need an innovative approach in content management together with representatives who would have the ability to provide the service and promote its sub-products in their market share and information technology companies that wish to develop in the field of content management.

The company:

BoxProject is a new company in this sector that provides solutions to internet applications and e-commerce issues. Its wide range of applications, its executives' specialised training on communication and Internet issues, makes it a reliable partner and co-traveller in the Information Society.

The need for creativity expression through visual communication solutions applications, confronted us with the analysis and designing of creative processes and applications . Using the above processes and encouraging each client to take part in them, allows us to completely combine communications and high aesthetics with a successful strategy and marketability.

Our executives experience in visual communications allowed us to provide solutions to designing and communication problems concerning your product or service. Through a spectrum of reliable tools and innovative approaches, we provide you the solution for a successful strategy and above all the right and customized communication processes management

Our product z:box cms

Description: z:box™
is a website managing system based on the philosophy of a website development, management and maintenance platform.
z:box™ allows the change and update of all the webpages of a website, giving the ability of alterations in the menus and other dynamic data such as downloads and news from whichever personal computer connected to the Internet.
It is recommended so for middle as for great websites in order to provide them with the better management of their static or dynamic material, such as newspapers, portals, intranet or simply for the update of their news.

The basic characteristics of z:box™ include the following:
• File of the webpages
• Categorization
• Multiple access levels
• Data customization per category
• Automate change/insert of existing webpages
• Webpages profiling with extra characteristics in order to personalize content
• Design – Writing of webpages
• Special webpages processor (WYSIWYG)
• Foreign languages (Multilingual Option)
• Temporary save ability
• Files management
• Files categorization
• Security per files category
• Customized per data category
• Customized per file type
• Windows-like browser for management
• File of existing files
• Menu management
• You can add as many choices as you wish in as many levels you wish and connect your webpages or external links or anything else you wish with these choices.
• Newsletter management
• You can send by mass e-mail a newsletter, that you have written as a webpage, to one or more user groups.
• Newsletter writing
• Recipient or group of recipients management
• Mass mail
• Sponsors management
• Zone management
• Campaign types management
• Advertisements management
• Statistics
• Residential access to advertisers
• Levels of access
• We pay great attention to data security and support a full user management system, which allows many users to access with different authority. Combined with the ability to set workflows (through which approval procedure can something be published), you have the whole control of validity and quality of the update of your online presence.
• Characteristics: residential access, users or groups management, security policies management, movements record
• Functionality integrations
• z:box™ offers the ability easily and without changing the website, to manage and embody new extensions and operations related to its special needs.
• Some of these are: search, polls, image galleries, pop-up images, forums, forms, e-cards, various menu types, listing of files or webpages.

Innovative Aspects:
• Integrated solution supports the whole process of content management
• Makes the STP (straight through process) goal a reality
• Enables creation even by inexperienced users

Main Advantages:
• Higher productivity due to automation of the procedure
• Significant cost reduction, since it minimises a web developer intervention
• User-friendly interface and excellent control
• It needs no special hardware or software

Collaboration Type: Commercial agreement with technical assistance
• Type of partner sought:
We are looking for end-users like libraries, state organizations, publishing houses, newspapers etc.) or I.T. companies with strong ties with the above market
• Task to be performed:
In case of commercial agreement with an end-user, we will install the product, train the relevant employees and maintain the system (if required). If an I.T. company wishes to represent us, then the previous activities will be assigned after the necessary training of the local representative. We commit to provide second-level support.

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