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What makes you happy podcast special guest Richard Blank Costa Ricas Call Center.

What makes you HAPPY podcast guest Richard Blank Costa Ricas Call Center

Jake Pearson: Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, What makes you happy? My name is Jake Pearson, and today we have with us the CEO of Costa Rica's call Center. Richard Blank, from Costa Rica, formerly living in Philadelphia. Richard,

Richard Blank: how are you? I'm doing great, Jake. So happy to be here tonight, and I got a ton of things to share that make me very happy.

Richard Blank: Beautiful.

Jake Pearson: Well, let's get straight into it, Richard. What does make you happy?

Richard Blank: A first is better weather. When I moved away from Philadelphia, I didn't have to worry about snow anymore. And secondly, I believe that living a true life will make you happy. Money and jewels and gold, they lose their luster. And if you have.

Richard Blank: If you have balance and center and you can live a very fulfilled life, and I chose to be a linguist at the University of Arizona. I was a Spanish communication major and I tripled down on my own skills and moved to Costa Rica, 27 years old to work at a friend's call center. Eventually, I built my own.

Richard Blank: Fell in love and married a Costa Rican, and here we are today. And putting business aside, Jake, it's really about once again following through on what makes you the most happy. You can earn a living so many different ways, and I decided to not live somebody else's life. But do my own. And naturally being a giver and not a receiver, I was able to teach English as a second language stability, balance, delivery, strategy, and diplomacy.

Richard Blank: And since English is their second language, I increased their vocabulary with a the source. And I believe in beautiful speech because today a lot of people are just chatting and using emails. For me, I believe that the best relationships are built when people can communicate, so there's no miscommunications people can properly express.

Richard Blank: Given luxury of time, they can take a step back, readjust themselves, be able to retain relationships, and maybe represent yourself in the best light. And so the older that I get, I cut fat, focus on the meat and realize my priorities in life. And a lot of them, I good friend, is spending time with family and those that you care.

Richard Blank: Really about your health because if you don't feel good every day, you can't be happy. But I indulge. There are certain times that I really enjoy that I like to reward myself. I'm an avid collector of pinball machines and juke boxes. I love to drive in my convertible. That makes me exceptionally happy working out in the gym so I can get those sort of endorphins and feel good and you know, if I'm able to enjoy some amazing seafood and exotic fruit and some delicious drinks.

Richard Blank: These are the sort of physiological things that make me exceptionally happy. The last thing that really makes me happy is a ton of money because if you don't have money and you're not happy, And that's not a real life. There's so many different things you can do in this world that can make you happy, and one of 'em right now is spending time with you and your amazing audience and sharing these ideas that if you can get past your parents guilt, if you can work through the naysayers and the grave believers and those that say you can't, if you can still be responsible financially and with your family, then by all means, I think you should take.

Richard Blank: And I should think you should drink life and see where it could take you. And so for me, I'm really just trying to share with you that I've been very true and I can stand tall and look at myself in the mirror. And I believe that those are the sort of things, my friend, that make an exceptionally happy life.

Jake Pearson: Beautifully said, and, and I do appreciate you sharing what makes you happy in your life. What would you. Say, Well, actually it's very interesting because what you said right there in

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