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Santa Fe's OpenCoffee Club is returning after a near year-long hiatus, and we hope all of you that have attended in the past will join us.  We plan to keep these meetings informal, while having guided discussions on selected topics with guests -- sort of a casual conversation with friends over coffee. We'll provide the great coffee and doughnuts.  For our June OpenCoffee we will have 3 startups companies as guests -- each associated with a different startup institution in Santa Fe. They will talk about the development and growth of their companies, where they are headed, and how local startup institutions have helped them. The guests are:

1) Micheal Zercher and "SANTA SIDRA" -- winner of the 2013 BizMIX competition. ​SANTA SIDRA is a Premium Hard Cider hand-crafted right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a crisp, refreshing, naturally gluten-free alcoholic beverage crafted from the juice of fresh-pressed apples. Santa Sidra craft cider tastes great and gives you a reason to celebrate while cidermagically supporting our local farmers and creating local jobs. Their first batch of hand-crafted cider is being released to the public this June.

2) Skye Luque and "LUQUE MEAT SAUCE" -- graduate of the 2104 Velocity Project. LUQUE MEAT SAUCE is already available in nearly 2 dozen locations across the State and in Oregon. The rapidly growing product is an all-natural bison meat sauce that is healthy, affordable & fast and is shelf stable and has no preservatives. Every 32oz Jar contains 1/2 lb. of bison meat that is sourced locally from the Taos Pueblo.

3) Martin Piltch and "ATTOLIGHT GROUP" -- client of the Santa Fe Business Incubator. The ATTOLIGHT GROUP executes the development, further innovation and delivery of instruments enabling the commercialization of SOFIA Technology, in collaboration with Bionosis, Inc. The technology incorporates an ultrasensitive surround optical fiber assembly capable of attomolar level (10-18) detection, adaptable to both clinical and non-clinical applications.

The location is the meeting space at:

Kokopelli Property Management,  613 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM

We are grateful to Kokopelli Property Management for their gracious support of the Santa Fe OpenCoffee Club. We look forward to seeing you on the morning of the June 10th, and nearly every second Tuesday of the month thereafter.

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