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Life After Financial Freedom

Hi everyone. I want to hear what your plans are after Financial Freedom.

OK, right now you are working your business hard to become Financially Independent. What comes after that? What are your plans? Share with your friends here what is most important for you to work so hard to become Financially Free.

My plans are probably like everyone else’s. I want to have more time for my Family. I have 9 Grandkids that I love spending time with. I also want to be able to take care of my Children and Grandchildren in the future.

I also sing Country Gospel in different Churches. I would have more time to do that as well.

I am a Bass Angler. My Skeeter Boat sits to much. It needs to be in the water more.

Now for the final, Get Out Of Bed When I want. I am getting old and tired, lol.

Did I forget to mention my New Home in the Country? My horses? Well, I could never forget that. It is first on my list. We love riding and spending time in the country. How can I get all this time to do all that I want? Work my business and become Financially Independent.
You can have anything you want in the future, if you are willing to make a sacrifice in the beginning.

Give your idea of Retirement.

Thank you for your comments,

Have a Blessed Day,


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