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Is It Nagging Or Is It Persistence?

There is definitely a fine line between nagging and persistence. Who wasn’t told to stop “nagging” when they were a child? The truth is that children are the very best salespeople. They take the art of persistence, and oftentimes nagging, to impressive levels.

For salespeople, it is instrumental to understand where that line is drawn between persistence and nagging. This requires the ability to recognize when a request or a question is self-serving and doesn’t offer a benefit for the… Continue

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This Year Sucked, Now Get Over It

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in sales who has had a banner year in 2009. For almost everyone, it just downright sucked.

The good news is that we’re counting down the last days before a new decade, and it’s time to think ahead and regain the positivity that keeps us salespeople pumped up and energetic. What do you need to do now to ready yourself for 2010? Here are the top five items for your “to do” list to give you a jumpstart so that the new year and new decade don’t… Continue

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