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Welcome. I think we are due to meet again soon. I suppose I should
start the ball rolling since I started this thread. I am tied up/away
next week, so for me it'll have to be something like Thursday 13th
September, 6pm at Roast, 407 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6GN. Any takers? Any other invitees?

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Hi Darryl,

I would love to catch up. Thursday suits me fine. See you there.
Hi all

Any room for a newbie?
Of course! Welcome. Still early days, so not sure if (m)any will turn up - just Errol and I so far! (Apologies for delay in responding, was in Holland).
Well, I'll be there and I know of at least one other, Conor McCluskey.
Another newbie here. I hope to tag along tomorrow night too.
Well, that was a roaring success! :-) six people trumps three last time... and only two common to both sets! (Dave R & I take the biscuit!) Great to see Errol, Gerard, Gareth and Conor there too. The discussions were private to those who took part, but I can say that it would be good to find a cooler, quieter place for the next one. Any suggestions for venue, date, time?




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