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The Million Dollar Challenge - know anyone with a business that needs marketing ?

Something which could Transform your Business

Hi Business Minded People :-) How would you like to Secure over a Million US Dollars’ worth of sales expertise ? As you know, we’re always on the lookout for ways to help you improve your business and maximise your success. Today, I'm posting this to let you know about something which could potentially have a dramatic impact on your business, it’s called The Million Dollar Challenge.

The Million Dollar Challenge is a fabulous collaborative program put together by a business TV channel. It provides a select group of businesses with the opportunity to get access to world-leading advice from top experts, as well as tailored campaigns and marketing resources for their business, on a risk free basis. During a global "recession" this is surely something worth investigating.

We've looked into this further, and we're mighty impressed. It is something which is perfectly aligned for any business which has a solid product, service or model, but is just not growing fast enough. It's also perfect for a business which is frustrated by failed attempts at business development, or is concerned about ROI from marketing efforts. Current participants range from a high-end software company to an executive search firm. There are also SME's on the Million Dollar Challenge.

We asked yourBusinessChannel if we could tell all of our contacts about this programme. They've set up an explanatory video for you to view here. If you are interested, you can also answer a few simple questions online to apply straight away.

Be sure to check out the Million Dollar Challenge today, as with only a few seats left on the Million Dollar Challenge, applications are expected to close shortly.

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