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Dear all,

some ten weeks ago we have started the LockSchuppen which is going to be an CoWorking place (pretty much similar to London's Hub KingsCross) combined with a PeerAcademy (where workshops and coaching sessions are offered to members and others). You say, "that is nothing new." Yes that is true.

Therefor the two parts already mentioned are driven by an interactive FutureLab2056, where you can get a sense on what is life, work, mobility and other things in life like in the future (by 2056). The driver for that is the book "The Singularity is Near" by RayKurzweil and his predictions that technology is approaching a state where the knowledge created and stored will over take humans' capacity.

The project is based on the principles that have been evident for the success of Linux and Wikipedia:

OpenSource ...and will be further combined with OpenContent, OpenBook and OpenEconomy.

You will find more background here.

Momentarily we are applying for an old locomotion roundhouse of German Railway in Germany to provide a good place to make the venture reality.

We are open to supporters, startups and venture capitalists who would like to be part of the journey and see the future effects of it.

If that sounds interesting to you please get in touch with us (@RalfLippold or @rainer at Twitter)

Thank you very much and best regards


PS.: There is microfinancing (1.000.000 shares of LockSchuppenAg in total) possible as well as work for shares - in all cases being member of NooPolis is mandatory

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