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I am an investor. We fund early stage-start-up ventures, existing Ventures and
Do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity
On discounted commercial or residential purchases by employing our funds for
Down payment & closing costs. Qualify for better Rate & Term based on a
Lower LTV but still achieve high CLTV or $0 down financing. Funds available
For acquisition, rehab or carrying costs including CASH-OUT! Advance equity
Fund disbursement based on verifiable walk-in equity. No income, asset or
Credit requirements. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also
Available. Brokers welcome!
Contact us for start-up funding, commercial RE Finance, seed capital, early
Stage start-up ventures, Joint Venture/Partnership investment with liquidity
From our part, Loan, Mortgages.We can fund excess of $10M.
Send us an e mail on

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