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“Genes to future medicine” is a key health innovation topic that has now come of age and ready for technology development while basic research will continue at university & government labs. What are the top 10 topics that increasingly provide opportunities for tech savvy technology innovators both in business & other sectors of our knowledge economy? We can develop the top 20 “Health+IT” topic lists for discussion with an expert guest and moderator for benefit of all who are interested in this important focus for future of humanity.

Here are some topics that have been discussed via community tv media, “Genes to Future Medicine” & “Great Minds” series here at Nov, where a culture of tech biz innovators, non-profits, govie & university labs doing research, both basic and applied in our tech hub geography. Opportunity for collaboration exist via private public partnership as often will be needed bringing together knowledgeable & motivated small group of innovators.

A few such key topics (1) computerized pathology for early or routine inexpensive diagnostics (2) telemedicine, particularly to support rural (3) emergency medical response preparation for hurricanes, tornado or earthquake (4) medical research topic target to reduce cell damage at older age group (5) genes to future medicine.

Follow up with an expert guest discussion leader on a recently published article in a quality magazine such as American Scientist & Scientific American for education & enrichment of our Open Coffee Club groups?

REF: http:/
My page at MedTech IQ as a link to this discussion:
New Tech Happy Hour - Oct 6, 2010
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Westin Hotel
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(703) 893-1340
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Feel free to join us for our monthly New Tech Happy Hour.

Network with other members of our group AND folks from IT4DC! With both groups networking, we normally average 50+ IT and Non-IT professions looking to meet new people.
Please join us even if you forget to RSVP! Spread the works and invite your friends and co-workers.




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