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Startup 2.0, a European Web 2.0 contest, has been launched today. Submissions are accepted for blogs, wikis, social networks or any other website which makes a high use of Web 2.0 components, such as tags, RSS, collaboration or Ajax. Companies and people from any European country willing to present their projects just have to submit them to

The contest will value not only the quality of the website but also its business sense and, in its case, the creativity of their video presentation. Internet users and a jury will select 10 projects to be presented in Barcelona on May, 21st, where they will compete for the advertising on Techcrunch and on the Microsoft network and infrastructure for their project.

The contest is organized by Alianzo and La Caixa bank, supported by Microsoft and Sun Microsystems and sponsored by 22@Barcelona. The jury is formed by ten Web 2.0 and investment experts from nine European countries: Martín Varsavsky, Loic Le Meur, Daniel Waterhouse, Tom Raftery, Ouriel Ohayon, Nicole Simon, Bernardo Hernández, Luca Conti
and Yaron Orenstein.

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