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Our product is LiveConductor, an application server for mobile messaging applications that reuse Web content. It's like 411Sync meets Yahoo! Pipes. We're pre-public launch and looking for early adopters to work with to prioritise our roadmap.

Tomorrow (26/04) at OpenCoffee London we'll be opening up our new interface to Twitter, which provides a great no-cost way to try out LiveConductor and get creative with it. Web publishers can add Twitter channels over which consumers can send and receive content, with no development needed. An RSS feed is all you need!

There are plenty of adventurous people at OpenCoffee and we're hoping to get as much peer activity going as possible to make the product as good as it can be before we release it to the general public.

I'll be the one wearing the Ned Flanders green jumper so if you're interested in easy mobile messaging for your site please see me, or


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