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Place for people who love startups to hang out and meet

Two things:

First, OpenCoffee Tallinn now has a Facebook group OpenCoffee Tallinn ( where all future events will be announced. We are glad to have 73 members there already. So if you want notifications of future Tallinn events, please join.

Second, our fourth OpenCoffee Tallinn Club event will take place already this Thursday, March 6th, 9-11 AM, at Scotland Yard Pub, Mere pst 6E, Tallinn. Everyone active on the technology scene is welcome. Like always, just show up any time between 9-11 AM, grab a cup of coffee, introduce yourself to others and just let it flow from there. Previous events have had 20-50 persons coming from various fields (startups, VC's, academia, government, top IT and technology firms etc). Just you are missing !

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