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OpenCoffee Tallinn will take place for the first time this Thursday, November 6th,
9-11 AM, in Pub Scotland Yard at Mere Pst 6E, Tallinn, Estonia. Everyone is welcome and already at least 10 people have confirmed attending, a few hours after the announcement. There will be people from startups, established tech companies, universities and hopefully some investors as well.

We were planning to launch this already back in March, but never came to it and were delaying it forever. So I just quickly chose a place and announced it today, just 2 days in advance. Better later than never :)

More information in Estonian is available at

If anyone has any questions, you can also contact me directly at

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We had a total of around 35-40 people in Tallinn: mostly startups, but also some VC's, people from established companies (like Skype), government sector, universities etc. Everyone enjoyed themselves, so I would say it was a success. Most people came around 9-9.30, but some stayed even after 11.00, so there was enough to talk about.

Some photos:

Next time probably January 10th - stay tuned!




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