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I would like to inform you that I'm going to attend the next London OpenCoffee coming on purpose from Italy to demo and discuss Clipperz.

Clipperz is:
- a secure and simple password manager
- an effective single sign-on solution
- a digital vault for all your secrets

Clipperz is free and completely anonymous, give it a try at

Clipperz was designed to make the Internet the most convenient and safe place to store and share private and sensitive data. Clipperz is also the first "zero-knowledge" web application. A new breed of web apps where the provider is simply in charge of delivering the Ajax application to the user's browser and then storing user's data in an encrypted form on its servers.

This means that Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded.

This paradigm could be used for a wide range of applications: a personal finance manager, a confidential to-do list, patient records for physicians, ...

I'm convinced it can be huge, but I also feel the need to discuss my ideas with people that have a better understanding of the Internet market, of the venture capital market, of consumer dynamics, ....

This is why I joined the OpenCoffee Club!

Looking forward to meet you,
best regards,
Marco Barulli

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