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Breakthrough search engine optimized software technology

Hi everyone, this is just a short note to inform people of a new technology on the internet. It makes things easy for building a website for your business that will be recognized by the search engines. What does it mean? It means that your website will actually be viewed by millions in directed traffic. No need for pay per click or any of the other complicated jargon. The software looks after that for you. Take the tour and watch the video.
I believe this technology can truly help anyone who is looking for an internet presence for their business.
Sincerely Walter

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I don't think it is spam it is a pitch for new software that can acutually help people online. But I guess your just a negative person without the guts to even post a picture
How can you possibly support a web-based product like that? Its one of the top five least professional website I've run into this year. I probably should have elaborated on my previous comment to make that clear. Not to mention, a number of Ning communities have been running into spam related issues recently. You even used a ad-tracker forwarding url so people can't tell what site their actually going to. Get Google Analytics if you don't want to drop any cash on site tracking tools.

I'm not a negative person, but within a community like OpenCoffee this post got me a little irked.

Professionalism is a big part of being an entrepreneur and there's nothing professional about that.
tried the link, did not work




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