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At 4:55am on April 4, 2007, meg dunn said…
Hey Jason, We heard about the Boulder group from Feld Thoughts. I'm wondering if you've seen any Fort Collins folks wandering 'round the open coffee club (online or down there at Amante Coffee).

And is there a separate forum on here just for Colorado folks?
At 5:36am on April 4, 2007, Jason Mendelson said…
Well, it's the first meeting next Tuesday, so as of now I've seen no one! This forum is just for the Boulder / CO opencoffee, so we have our own site thanks to Saul and the folks.
At 9:31pm on April 6, 2007, Joshua Dorkin said…
I just found the OpenCoffee Club through and hope to see you all at Amante Coffee next week. Great idea Jason!
At 6:53am on May 30, 2007, Jack Goldenberg said…
Hey, Jason,

Check this out:

At 12:46pm on May 31, 2007, Jack Goldenberg said…
Hey, Jason,

Glad you liked it. I didn't create it, but I saw it, thought it was cool and sent it around.

I've looked through you Web site rather quickly and I was really impressed. I want to look through it a little more closely, then contact you to see if you can point me in the right direction.

I'm looking for an angel investor to see if I can create another multi-million dollar sensation. The first three times (McDonald's Happy Meal, Cabbage Patch Kids and Pop Rocks candy), only my salary made its way into my pocket.

This time I've got a patent on something that's 95% mine. Since you seem to get involved more with techgnology companies, it may not be something you'd be interested in. Still, I'm a marketing whiz, not a financial genius, so I can use some help making the right decisions.

Talk to you soon. Take care.

Jack Goldenberg
At 7:21am on July 21, 2007, Niko said…
Thank You Jason!
At 4:15am on July 28, 2007, Ann Bernard said…
I'm a big fan of the Ask the VC blog, it's very informational and useful to me. We haven't yet dealt with any VCs or firms (I do feel more prepared) but the information goes well beyond that. Not sure what took me so long to make my way to the OpenCoffee Club.

Thanks again for sharing such a wealth of knowledge.
At 10:04pm on December 8, 2007, Rick Leach said…

Has the schedule for the start of next year been established? I'm trying to schedule travel for January.

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