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At 1:35pm on July 4, 2007, John Hammink said…
Hi Wayne!

Thanks for contacting me and adding me to your friends.

By the way, I am currently advising a startup in Lund, Sweden that is looking for VC. We have made these speakers:

And so already have a few major clients, also including xMax ( and have a manufacturing base in China. However, we are still seeking funding. Is this something you might be interested in?

I am also looking for someone to teach subjects related to VC on a university faculty on which I sit. Let me know if this interests you also.

Thanks, and nice day to you!

At 1:43pm on July 4, 2007, yasnao said…
Hi Wayne,
Thanks for your invitation!
Do you live in China and Canada? Which is your main country?
At 2:04pm on July 4, 2007, Nicky Szmala said…
Hey Wayne,
how is it going? What can I do for you?
Best wishes,
At 2:16pm on July 4, 2007, Patrick Gen Kanaishi said…
Hello, Wayne.

What can I do for you?
At 2:18pm on July 4, 2007, Bandare said…
Hello Wayne.
At 2:37pm on July 4, 2007, Piero Refolo said…
Hello, Wayne.

thanks for your invitation.

Can i I do somethinh for you?

About me, I'm currently busy on selling a percentage (20%) of a ICT firm and tryng some VC interested to finance my new startup.

Don't esitate to contact me for more information.


At 2:44pm on July 4, 2007, dani warshager said…
Hi Wayne,

I believe I attended a few of the meet ups in Toronto. Are you in the web 2.0 business? Let me know if I can assist you with anything or if you have any ventures that you need partners for.


At 2:44pm on July 4, 2007, Jon Bogart said…
Hey Wayne,

Thanks for the invitation. I sent you one back.

At 2:46pm on July 4, 2007, Jon Bogart said…
Sorry, Wayne, I should mention what I do. I own and operate Pizzazz Email LLC, an email publishing service that helps companies and ngos connect to their people using high-impact html email. If I can be of any service, don't hesitate to email me.
At 3:00pm on July 4, 2007, Steve said…

Seems that you have a split residence, a kind of VC pimpernel, hopping behind the bamboo curtain and back in search of those lovely convex equity options. ...

So what's new on the Sino VC front? I presume you're looking at IT and web stuff, or do you have a wider arc of interest?

Toodle Pip

At 3:41pm on July 4, 2007, Adriano De Vita said…
Hi, Wayne,

Thanks for the invitation, I'm new here and just looking around...

At 4:00pm on July 4, 2007, Dean Richardson said…

Thanks for your invitation!

At 5:13pm on July 4, 2007, gaston27 said…
thanks for the invite
At 5:30pm on July 4, 2007, rajan tawate said…
thanks for the invite.
At 6:35pm on July 4, 2007, vksfound said…
Thanks for the invite
At 6:46pm on July 4, 2007, Hilda Graetzer said…
Hi Wayne !
Thankyou for the invitation.... tell me more about yourself and your proyects.
At 7:09pm on July 4, 2007, Dimitriadis Dimitris said…
Hi !
Thankyou for the invitation.
Anything you need just let me know.
At 8:06pm on July 4, 2007, Harshal Vaidya said…
Do you provide funding to projects in India ?
At 7:43am on July 5, 2007, Alexis Brion said…
Hi Wayne,

Thank you for the invitation! How you checked ?


At 10:51am on July 5, 2007, Dick Small said…
Hey Wayne! You look so damn smart!

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