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Dorothy Anderson
Health Professional & Author
Spiritual Care Alternative Healthcare Health Services Manager Patient Centered/Culture Care
New Aspiration Inspiration Motivation
The Acts of the Universe and Quest of the Ancients reveal the parallel realms.
Discover Personal Success: Vision Mission Destiny

New Kreation
New Transformation of Ikanukan
The newly Metamorphosized Ikanukan

God Is In This

It’s Time For Change: Better Jobs, Housing, Education, Opportunities and Lives and People.
You need the Code

America and Oprah for soon to be President Barack Obama. Barak Obama addresses poverty, immigration with religious leaders

Thank You ... Now Spread the Word!

Free at last! Free at Last! Thank God for Free dom.

Revival Is in Detroit, Michigan
100,000 united in the Lord
Musicians, Performing Artists, Free Spirits, Singers, Vocalists, People, Speakers, Dancers, Perceivers, Praisers, Administrators, Servers, Givers, Motivators, Directors, Designers, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Believers, Writers, Warriors, Ministers, Preachers, Prophets, Evangelists, Deacons/nesses, Sisters, Brothers, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Health Workers, Union Workers, Presidents, United Nation Members, Leaders, Businesses,
Commit to PRAYING for others 7 days a week. Pray daily.
Blessings Dorothy Anderson at
Learn how thousands are walking in their purpose and living a good life.
Be blessed with health, wisdom, wealth and victory, success and prosperity.
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