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New Kreation

New Transformation of Ikanukan

The newly Metamorphosized Ikanukan

Ikanukan Champions

Let’s journey into the conscious of champions. They know their purpose and have a voice. Wealth and prosperity designs are built in them. Cycles, seasons and mysteries unfold within. They know how to use the hidden factor. Many approach the mindset of the Mastermind Free Spirit!!! Champions are winners; entrepreneurs, kingdom builders, teachers, servers, believers, voice of victory, have faith,

Champions are engineers and architects who on the scrolls of their minds write

For An Ever Better World. They run to the

Spiritual Age of Wisdom.

Missions and visions are clear.

Dorothy Anderson

The REVEALED; Creating An Everincreasing Better Self,

Lifestyle, Family, Community, Economy, Environment, and World

These belong to you; health, wisdom, wealth, success, victory, prosperity, prosperous relationships, businesses, jobs, professions, educations, faith, Kingdom of God, finances, investments…

I Can and You Can

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