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Dear all,

We have started a call center in Bangladesh which is completely established with 12 sited agent PCs (Increasable based on project) with well decoration. Also including Server, IVR, well decorated conference room, training room and multiple access single CLI hotline which is capable to hold lots of call in its trunk. The office is completely ready for it operations with Inbound and Outbound projects. If any organization or person is interested about this project, please contact the below person. Thank you.

Contact person:
T. Islam,
Marketing & Communication,
N.P. Communications.
Voice: +88-017-37-970015.

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Hi Tariq,

Send me your company profile at
I can help you with Outbound programmes.

Michael Phillips.
+91 9324668344
Hi Tariq,

we were thinking about to keep a call center in Bangladesh so i will call u regarding this my mail id is,and my mobile number is +91-9972351679




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