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Looking for Ideas Into Marketing an English Proofreading Startup

My name is Mira and I am one of the co-founders of a start-up called We are based in Prague and offer English proofreading/editing services to those who's grammar has always been on the weaker side.
We started about two months ago and have received a few jobs, but the numbers are below what we would like them to be. We have a blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, and have advertised with the local expat website. We are fast, our prices are very reasonable, and our website very easy and straightforward for the average person to navigate through. We also have about 8 native-English speaking editors residing all over the world waiting for us to send them some work.
What we are missing is more traffic. Does anyone have any ideas for a start-up on a very fixed budget? I would be open to any suggestions you may have and thank you in advance.


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