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Place for people who love startups to hang out and meet is a unique and exciting interactive active site that has combine music downloads, social networking and functions as an online news publication to effectively educate, entertain and promote eco-friendly living in a fun and mainstream way. Our music download catalog provides over 6 million of the hottest and most current singles and albums for download to our consumer. We donnate 10% of all profits from music downloads to eco-friendly charities and our prices are comprable if not lower than all major digital download sites. That being said who wouldn't download from Get Green Music? While our music download site strives to bring awareness and promote eco-friendly living, our social network takes it a step further by providing fun eco-friendly education and entertainment. Our social network allows users to create profiles, make friends, post pictures and videos, share eco-friendly tips, post on friends walls and send messages to users and create fun and exciting blogs. Our team of writers utilize the Green Gossip section of social network to post articles about the latest entertainment, music, fashion and celebrity news related to Green Living. Get Green Music prides its self on the fact that it is a consumer driven ad supported site that is your on stop site for eco-friendly living, music downloads and social networking.

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The need for more green technology and practices is definitive, as the impact on our environment from our appetites for fossil fuel machinery and methods of generation electricity have taken a toll. An effort does have to be made to repair our planet, but many consider the loss of amenities to be too great to surmount. However, there are ways of getting by: solar water heating devices, electric high speed trains getting installed for public transport, and so forth. If you start going a little more green, it's like giving a cash advance to the Earth.




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