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My name is Edward Walsh, but I'm better-known to my former colleagues, clients, and associates as "Eddz." I moved alone to Vancouver from England, studying Business Administration at a local college. I'm eagerly anticipating my 21st birthday, which is just around the corner. Despite my age, I've been involved in a variety of successful web communities.

I started out working with, which led to a senior role at,; a community that, in it's prime, was one of the world's largest community games sites for kids. Since then, I founded, a video game news community which welcomed 100,000s of unique visitors each month. Recently I worked as the Community Manager for Short Fuze, a Cambridge (UK) start-up working on the machinima-creation software, Moviestorm. There I helped take the community from an idea to a usable product.

Over the past year, ideas have been floating around in my head for a community that caters to a virtually un-tapped, yet huge demographic; the people who refuse to use Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and the like.

In the coming months, I'll be launching MangaBullet, a place for the "otaku" to meet others with similar interests via social networking that takes things a step further than most other web-communities, merging real life with the Internet.

Anime and video game conventions are huge events that welcome millions of people each year, yet entirely un-organised and un-categorised. I plan to make these events more appealing and, with the collaborative work of convention holders, make it much easier for fans to find and attend them.

Also, because of the popularity of "geeky" school/college clubs, I plan to bring these to the Internet with MangaBullet, giving each their own portal and methods to interact with members and external clubs.

That's not all. The site is planned to incorporate standard features of other web communities, such as public profiles, friends lists, and the like. I also have plans for revenue generation through extra services and added value.

If you're interested in helping to raise funds for my project, or even for a little more information or a look at what is there so far, I'm interested in hearing from you. I can be reached by email at: eddz [at] mangabullet [dot] com

Thanks for reading!

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Wow, sounds like a kick ass project - gd luck!

ps MangaBullet's password box is 3 pixels out of alignment :P
Projection of revenue and costs for 5 years. Potential for market. What investment has already been made?




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