OpenCoffee Club

Place for people who love startups to hang out and meet

Thanks so much for coming by.

OpenCoffee Club is a simple idea - have a fixed time and place where entrepreneurs, investors, developers and marketers involved and interested in startups could get together in a really informal setting to meet, chat and make connections.

They are now almost 20 OpenCoffee Clubs around the world. They are simple to start, anyone can do it.

Some of the basic principles behind what we're trying to do are here -

Hopefully the forum can stimulate some interesting conversations and help people get answers to some of the burning questions they might have: getting funding, hiring kickass developers, working with co-founders etc.

Have fun.

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Saul, thanks for coming up with a great concept! Execution is so simple! Outcome is highly effective.

Catch phrase "great idea by Saul". What will be the next great idea you come up with, so that the catch phrase can be changed to "another great idea by Saul". Regards Manoj
I am in Los Angeles and see that the club there is no longer a meetup group. I would be happy to start one in Sunland, Ca.

I am looking through the site to see how this might be accomplished. I will see what I can do.

If there is a help file or page that walks one through it, I would be happy to see it.

this is a great concept and a unique....
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