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About is a revolutionary social networking community that combines the best features of today's leading networks with a unique, patent-pending point system that allows users to share in the site's revenue. In the community, “EveryClick Counts©”; users, developers and network creators earn points for contributing to the site’s content, functionality and growth. Monthly point totals are converted to revenue and distributed to users. By encouraging and rewarding participation, aims to build a dynamic and vibrant online community where users are empowered to continually improve the site's features and functionality. was founded in May, 2007 by CEO Mark Sendo, a serial entrepreneur and University of Michigan graduate. Soon thereafter, Sendo was joined by co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Brown, a seasoned web designer with graduate degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

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What problem does this solve?
I need a business plan that shows cost and revenue projections for 5 years. Management structure. Amount invested so far.
LIsten, you send the same response to several companies looking for funding. why? are you interested in them all?




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