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I am the owner of 4vision, Inc., a 20-year-old software R&D company. Over the past two years we have developed a distributed, digital media network platform called the Nomad Storyteller platform.

Nomad enables end users to act as digital media consumers and producers of multimedia content that can be shared across a network of Nomad users. Users are provided personal workspaces called "digital portfolios", that are hosted on their own devices (desktop, laptop, mobile), or third party storage services. Digital portfolios are used to manage the creation of multimedia content and individual personal content.

An easy to use content editor, and narrative based templates, enables the user to create multimedia content in the form of stories and narratives. Seamlessly integrated communications services such as Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP, peer-to-peer collaboration and streaming services provide users many ways to share stories.

A key feature of the product is the integrated social network connector that enables the Nomad platform to connect Nomad digital portfolios across social networks based on users like interests. Facebook and Ning are our initial social network integration targets. Facebook boasts over 30 million users providing immediate potential users of our services as a result of Nomad's seamless integration with Facebook user profiles.

I believe there are large opportunities in licensing Nomad to media companies in segments that include book, magazine, newspaper, information, entertainment, and advertising, that make up the trillion-dollar media industry. The industry is suffering serious revenue decline among all these sectors due to users want and desire for unbundled new media content and services. As a strategic technology for these companies, Nomad immediately enables them to re-purpose their legacy content into new formats required to create new digital media products and services.

The plan is to spin off a new company called Nomad Storyteller, Inc. that will be managed by senior 4vision management. We are looking for investors for the seed round, and shares are offered on a convertible debt basis. Information about the product can be found at

For investment and, or product information contact:

Wilbert Jackson
4vision, Inc.

Direct Line: 1.978.578.5253

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