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Web.Start Conference, Zagreb, Croatia, May 17-18 2007

We (the initiators of OpenCoffee Club Zagreb) would like to invite everyone to attend the Web.Start conference, which will be held on 17th and 18th of May in Zagreb, Croatia, specifically at the Journalists’ Hall at Perkovceva 2.

Web.Start is the first regional conference catering to the authors of Web projects, aiming to help them realize or improve their projects and helping them reach the knowledge and contacts that will help hem position themselves on the market, fund their projects and achieve success.

Also, the conference works the other way around as well, giving the funds and investors a chance to scout the potentials of the local Web community by checking the existing and upcoming projects.

All the details and information about the conference — names and bios of the confirmed speakers, event schedule etc — will be available at the conference’s Web site at We invite you to forward this message to anyone who you think might be interested in this event, and if you have your own Web site or blog you could help us promote the conference with one of the buttons and banners we have prepared.

To receive further information you may use our RSS feed, or subscribe to the mailing list that will be used to occasionally distribute a brief newsletter. To subscribe you need only to enter your email address at the form.

For any further inquiries about the conference, please write to


This conference primarily caters to companies and individuals that participate — or intend to participate — in production or funding of Web projects in the region, regardless of their local or global market focus.

Besides being a place where both sides will get relevant first-hand information this conference will be a place for networking and contacts, both for entrepreneurs and investors.


The official program includes experts from various fields: developers, managers, entrepreneurs, designers, advisors, financiers etc. Web.Start aims to offer something interesting for everyone, while staying firmly focused to starting, funding and managing the Web startup projects. You may find the list of speakers and topics at the official Web site of the conference.


Above all, we wish to raise the awareness of the business and technical possibilities in the area of Web startups, as well as help Web entrepreneurs to present their products to a wide audience, as well as potential partners and entrepreneurs.

We hope that Web.Start will make possible a flow of knowledge and information as well as networking between Web entrepreneurs and investors, and ultimately that this conference will lead to some new projects and success stories in Croatia and the region.

The Web.Start conference will be held in downtown Zagreb, Croatia, at the Journalists’ Hall (Novinarski dom), Perkovceva 2. The stylish conference hall is ideal for housing the expected 200 attendees.

Zagreb itself is located in central Croatia, and has all the usual infrastructure you might expect in a Western city. You can see the location more precisely at Google Maps, and learn more about the city at


The conference will be separated in two topical parts:

Tech.Day: The program of the first conference day will consist of speeches and presentation focusing on technical themes related to development and usage of Web applications. The topics will include presentations of upcoming technologies, specific advice for better usability and stability etc.

Biz.Day: The second day of the conference is devoted to the business aspect of Web applications, specifically to managing and funding of startups. Various venture capital funds and other investors will present the funding options, and there will also be specific experiences and advice.

This day will also have presentations of specific local Web projects. We also expect a large number of Web entrepreneurs — active ones or those just starting — to attend, as this will be an opportunity to present their projects to prospective investors or partners. The conference will provide a private room for ad-hoc meetings and presentations, with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure.

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