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We're Ukraine based software development team. About year ago we did some projects for Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust (Manchester, UK)
- Risk Management System (finished)
- Implants Management System (finished)
- Rotas Management System (planned)
- also some solution for dental
Now we started to rewrite all these solutions to .NET 3.5/ASP.NET 2.0/AJAX. But the problem is that we have some difficulties with providing sales/support service out-side of the country. Moving all team (3 developer) is quite expensive now.

So, we would like to find the person who is familiar with medical UK-marker and ready communicate with the customers, provide pre-sales management. All other technical works like - setup, teaching and technical-support is possible provide out-side. We're ready to incorporate and managed small company. These forms can be discussed.

This is short description of NHS.Web.Application Projects.
Hospitals Risk Management System

Patient safety, daily hospital work co-ordination and efforts to reduce risk of being injured (harm, injury) during therapeutic process and also those to reduce the risk of procedures indirectly related to therapeutic process, data-processing, analysis and effective decision making - all of them is one of the main parts of Risk Management Strategy of any medical establishment.

System is based on a client-server technology that allows to set up the System within short period of time and scale up all other hospital areas without any additional expenses.

In contrast to majority other risk management systems, especially those not directly oriented at a health care risk management process, our System enables not only to collect and store information about incidents all over the Trust, but also allows a manager to investigate the process, notify all appropriate personnel about incidents, monitor investigation process on Team and Trust Level and report various analytical data in the context of different types of incidents (e.g. – clinical/non-clinical, investigated or not and so on).

The System is fully integrated with a National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and supports NPSA XML Dataset in accordance with National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) requirements.

We appreciate any addtional information about required System functionality and always open for discuss your point of view about the process in your Hospital\Trust and the possible way to implement this process by neans of our System.

Hospitals Implants Management Systems

Historically there have always been difficulties about the recording of using surgical implants and the subsequent accurate calculation of the costs incurred – delivering, rent and etc. The process, from ordering the equipment to final costing and payment approval, is lengthy and involves a number of individuals and departments – such SSD (Sterile Service Department), Finance/Account Department and those involing in implants/instruments using process.

The method of providing a range of order numbers but not producing the order paperwork until the transaction is complete is full of risk though it's necessary.

Briefly - the Trust purchases surgical implants delivered directly by external companies to individual as a required basis. Generally the companies provide a range of implants together with the fixings and the tools required to fit them. After the surgery process the tools and the unused implants and fixings are returned to the company. The cost is based on the items used plus the hire of the tools, which is charged by the time that they are on the Trust’s premises.

This Implant Management System keeps all the parties involved, fully informed of process of transactions performed and provides individuals with the tools to add information through the process.
Hospitals Leaves Management Systems

Centralized Management of Leaves becomes extremely important in Hospital/Trust with a big number of departments and personnel. Generally the usage of a paper based leaves management system allows leaves to be approved at local level without notification of appropriate personnel. The organisation has no corporate view of the leave state and the mechanisms of approval are inadequate.

Hospital Leaves Management System brings it under a central control. It also enables the immediate distribution of leave state to those requiring the information. It helps to get a corporate view of the staff avaliable at any time range and manage the required staff resources more effectively.

The System provides facilities to:

• Allow individuals to apply for leave of absence.
• Provide their manager with information to support decision making process.
• Provide a tool to approve or reject the application and to feedback information about that decision.
• To present the leave state of individuals in the organisation to those authorised to see it.
• Allows key individuals to monitor and control the absence process.
• Identifies a number of service managers and provid recommendations of the Operations Board.
• Present the Trust from failure to achieve targets and from the consequent media interest through uncontrolled absence of key staff. It should be sufficient to raise the profile of this project to a level of corporate significance.

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