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Bosniart is a online exposure platform for artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, explorers, art lovers...

Bosniart project enabling and opening wide range of possibilities for people working in art & culture, to advertise and to publish theirs information about current projects, plans, schedules and occupations. Bosniart is equipped with several sections and categories which contain professional works and analyses, video section, artists and gallery page, forum about almost all topic themes linked with art & culture, as like category which dealing with art in B&H through centuries, but also, in this portal is page about World art history in its most wide form and shape.

Bosniart project successfully started in the beginning of December 2008 and so far its gathered significant number of artists members, published professional works, videos, and many other useful things, as like many people, members, users, and all others.

Bosniart internet portal for art and culture is fee to use, its membership is free, and everybody who is ineteresed in matter which this portal dealing with, is welcome to join.

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