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Last week was the launch of a very personal project : is a video blog network covering the web2.0 ecosystem.
The objective of is to take the viewers to the major conferences and Web events, visit the technologists for demos, interview entrepreneurs and web workers, give tours of cool startups and a first look at the hottest web apps.
We will meet face to face with the most interesting people and have open conversations with them about their work, current projects and get their views on our industry. We will not only focus on already successful entrepreneurs but we will also look at newly founded startups in order to get a feel on how it is possible to transform a great idea into a successful company.
As of today we are two at, myself here in London covering the UK and my business partner Thierry who is in charge of the French version. Our aim is to have one video reporter in every country.

The initial line up for the launch was:

- An interview of Loic Le Meur, Honorary Chairman at Six Apart and notorious French blogger, during a short visit to the internet world in London where he did a presentation on the future of blogging.
- A conversation on video podcasting with Robert Scobble from Podtech and author of Scobleizer.

- An interview of Immad Akhund, co-founder of and member of the OpenCoffee.

- A world wide exclusivity for, a presentation of Bubbletop, the soon to be released Ajax personal home page from Orange.

I have added over the week end an interview of Saul Klein, the man who started the OpenCoffee movement!

That's it for now, I hope you'll enjoy watching and WELCOME!

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