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During Recent years user generated content on the Internet has had an explosive growth. The Internet has become a decentralised network of user's creating and uploading personal blogs, photos, podcasts and videos. We will refer to these items as a user's Personal Internet Assets (PIAs)

As the production and consumpition of PIAs has become an integral part of web activity the need/want for a user to share his PIAs with other users has become evident. In many cases, user's are willing to pay money to expose their PIAs to large audiences, giving arise to a new phenomenen called Consumer-2-Consumer advertising, also known as people marketing. Thus , these trends has given birth to the need of proper C2C- Advertising channels on the Internet.

So where do we come in the picture?

Hypesphere is an Internet-based social ranking network focused on ranking people. Every user on Hypesphere can link their PIAs to a personal profile page. The user is voted on by the community and get's a HypeRank.

End user's can then use Hypesphere to find interesting bloggers, podcasters, videomakers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and journalists etc that are creating the most "hype" in different sphere's of interest.

Sign up for alpha now at Hypesphere

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Comment by Frederik Hermann on May 28, 2007 at 7:29pm
Sounds great, just voted for you, keep me in the loop about your launch. Cheers, Frederik
Comment by Katie Harvey on May 30, 2007 at 9:37am
Smart idea - I'm in advertising (as well as being an entrepreneur!) and that's really interesting to hear about. Best of luck!


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