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There are two well defined camps around the IPhone. Those for and against (surprise, surprise). Most of the people against seem to be disgruntled IPod owners complaining about dead batteries. Those for are Apple fanatics, consumer activists.

As a developer, I try to look past the marketing hype and parellel commentary to see through to the heart of the issue. The rapidly expanding mobile marketplace -- a true platform for information dissemination. Sure their have been smart phones prior to the iPhone but very few had a quality browser built-in to allow for a "real" webpage to be displayed (with css, xhtml, & javascript).

The iPhone opens the doors for developers to create immersive web applications targeted at mobile devices. Most importantly those applications can now provide a strong financial incentive for VC to get onboard the mobile movement.

If anyone is thinking/working on an mobile device related-project, get in touch. I'd love to hear what people are developing and I guarantee you'll get some great feedback :)


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