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Anthony Cohen
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Mygeni is a Relevance Engine that uses the Social Networking paradigm as an effective operating tool through the application of new internet and mobile internet based technology.

The best way to describe Mygeni is to take you through what Mygeni can do for you.

We all have limited time and are more and more pressed to be efficient in every way. This has led over time to the consumption of information and advice from sources that are not fully trusted ie magazines, newspapers and television. as the traditional sources of trusted information are not available in real time mother lives in another country, friends are all at work busy etc. Our most trusted sources of information and advice come from friends, family and colleagues and is commonly know as the power of word of mouth. In today’s modern society we have lost this very important source of information as the very make-up of society has changed where we no longer have the time for coffee with friends for the valuable exchange of information as we have both the physical issue of now having friends all over the world and working in business that are on different sides of the same city etc. Compounded by that we do not all live together and share meals but live in our own walled off environments.
Mygeni delivers the ability for you to get back this trusted source of valuable information.

Imagine sitting down with every single friend or colleague you have over coffee and getting detailed information from web-sites, actual physical places of interest, articles, videos and music they can share with you and you with them. Arranged by your common interests and Intimacy levels (how close are you to this person and what do you want to keep private and what do you want to share). Intimacy = Content Clearance Level, eg if I tag a secret surfing location and give it the Tight Intimacy “Content Clearance Level” and place it in my surfing interest then this content will only be able to be viewed by my Tight friends (will be published into their news according to our shared interest surfing) and will not be viewable by friends that are “close” or “social” and have no surfing interest.
Imagine then being able to attach a map to all the content that corresponds to an actual physical address and being able to share this content with other friends and colleagues accordingly. Imagine having a personal assistant “mygeni” compiling all this data according to your personal interests and giving you a full news report with news from Intimate friends per interest first and then close, social then public content later if you desire.

Mygeni does just this and way more.

Now imagine joining a community anywhere in the world that you identify with. Join in on a community led discussion, monitor the development of the discussion and then table a proposal to the community. Wait and watch while the community discuss the proposal offering additional advice and help, then take this proposal to a voting platform where all members of the community can vote for “yes” to implement or “no” to scrap.
Mygeni then facilitates the funding of the proposal with a % of revenue specifically designated for community development, where you and your friends that are part of the community can submit CV’s to get jobs running the approved project.

Add to this the ability to form collaboration-al clubs that are private or public and can house huge amounts of relevant data around specific topics. This can form the basis for working teams, using the system to effect greater information flow and the networking of ideas and concepts around specific interests. Where content can be tagged to and assigned to the club.

In addition the individual user has the ability to earn money from regular use of mygeni as money the “Wish” is earned every-time someone visits your page or specific interest to view content that you have published. This “Wish” can be traded with other users for goods and services or donated to any cause or club of your choice forming real annuity income for these organisations or transferred back into your private bank account.

All content shared is given a rating and according to your comments and rating your friends will view your content and decide if it is credible or not by giving thumbs “up” or “down” on each post. This creates “credibility” for the individual user where the user with the highest credibility is likely to get the most views per content item and this directly effects his income “WIsh” earning potential. Coupled to this is a user with higher credibility than another has a proportionally increased vote within the community section.

Mygeni is built for people with valuable content that they can share and through this sharing of content we learn more from trusted sources of information, what is hot and what is not in the world around us. The power of word of mouth advertising has in the last few years outstripped the effectiveness of regular advertising techniques as we are overloaded with information from non-trusted sources. (When I want to go on holiday and see an article in a magazine re a destination, does this article really mean anything to me, it was probably sponsored and paid for by the holiday destination and is an advertorial, or if I go online to a trip advisor site and look for information there, what do I have in common with the people rating these destinations. Do I have a similar taste, do we like the same things. There is only one way of knowing real information and that is knowing the source from which the information comes intimately.

Today’s users need to be fundamentally involved in shaping their media and affect its outcome. They must feel that they can participate in and own it; otherwise it is irrelevant and disconnected from them.

Imagine arriving in a new city “London” without any friends in the area. Pull out your cell phone load up mygeni and select the search function. (Lets say you are wanting to find a great place to go out at night for dinner). type restaurant London then tick friends and walla you will get all the content that your friends from all over the world have posted that match the keywords or related words for restaurant London. These will have mapping directions on how to get there, ratings from friends on what they think per location and comments from other friends as to their opinions. What better way of finding what you like through your most trusted network. Just lean over and tell the cabbie where to go and now you are on your way.
Trusted relevant information from reliable sources makes life simpler easier and faster.
This is only part of the genius of mygeni.

Here are just some of the things that separate mygeni from the rest.
Trusted valuable and reliable content. Unique Intimacy relationships. News in interest relevant formatting. Search by location and relationship. Revenue sharing. Income generation. Intimate relationships are strengthened. Enhanced communication. Community resource. Credibility, earning potential and voting status. A real collaboration platform. Real relationship with the user. Active user involvement within the brand. Intelligent Advertising Platform. Unique Demographic Information for brand placement

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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HI Anthony you may be interested by a grat challege rewarding an idea.Prize is $25000 for the project...just have a look here -

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