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This is a great idea! Now Investors and Entrepreneurs all over the country have a 'local' group, and could find or offer support that would have otherwise been impossible. Maybe we could use Skype to chat live at the virtual meetings? - It supports up to 100 people, which could be quite useful. Keep in touch, good things will come from this!

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Thanks for your encouragement, Michael. Skype is a fine idea. Let's see what kind of added response we see here. In the meantime, best of luck with your business.
What do you guys have in the hopper right now?
I'm forming a film production company and looking for funding. How about you, Sam?
I'm a co-founder of ChartCapture.

We bridge the paper to paperless gap for medical practices. Unfortunately, I'm not in the funding game. I've got a side project in stealth mode that addresses online screenwriting and script formatting. Too soon to give more details.
We've just tried a Skype conference call with 6 people ! I had no idea it supported 100 !
According to Skype, yes - 100. Which is great! What was your call quality like with six?




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