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Look at it this way-

Change for changes sake is a pointless exercise - however changes that result in improved sales performance are always worth the effort.
I suggest you try this method:

Change only one element of the process at a time eg;

If you are making cold calls, change your opening and keep everything else the same.

At a sales meeting, change the closing line that you use and keep everything else the same.

By making incremental changes you will be able to work out what actually caused
the different outcome whether it be good or bad.

But once you have decided what to change, test it.

Pick "The next 50 cold calls" or "The next 10 sales appointments"
and keep detailed stats and notes on how it went and what
the results were.

Make sure that the "test sample" is large enough so you can
base your assumptions on them and keep the test going until you are convinced either way by the results

Keep a record of the results

Once you have implemented and tested a technique that has
increased your sales keep doing it and then repeat the whole
process again by testing another technique and so on and so on..

Remember - incremental changes will improve your sales technique and results over time.
Have a good selling day!

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