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Ahoy Maties,


The Edinburgh group is not listed on the occ homepage. Anyone know how we can get that done?

Are the Wednesday meetings still on? Forest at 10:30am? We might not be able to get the highest attendance on a Wednesday morning!

Might I suggest an evening meeting? In fact, let me go one step further, unless I hear positive and vociferous objection, I'm going to go ahead and organise an evening meeting. Who's with me? :)



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Hello All, I've just joined the group.

Like Callum, I didn't see Edinburgh listed on the homepage... but I did see his post mentioning an Edinburgh group... which was fortuitous.

As a possible future entrepreneur, I would prefer evening meetings.

Sweet, one new member!

I'm putting together a list of people to invite to an event. I'll start working on a date and a venue soon. The Forest cafe is nice, but I'm thinking of somewhere a bit more upmarket. Maybe Grape or Beluga or somewhere like that. I think Beluga might have changed names actually, but hey, I've been away for a few years!

I'll keep the list posted... :)

Cheers - Callum.
Looks like this place has died a little. It would be good to get the meetings up and running again and maybe include Glasgow - alternate meetings in each city perhaps?

Hello Mark

Well I'll be using the train so anywhere close by is good for me. That sould only be about 5 minutes walk away?

Seems a pity that Glasgow and Edinburgh never really took off. I'm sure there must be enough people out there with plans for new startups.
What time were you thinking? Evening suits me best.
Yes that sounds good.

I was thinking evening too?

How were you thinking of letting people know about this? I'm sure there are plenty of other groups and forums it could get posted on so that's at least one method.

I'm guessing there is nobody else interested in this then?




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