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We are a mine in south east asia that specialise in rubies and sapphires that are already cut and facetted. Its all real and genuine gemstones.

Being a broker for us is easy. One thing to note that this is purely commisioned based and there is no basic salary.

The terms are simple

1. A 10% commission from kingdom mines for any gems that are sold by you. If the sales exceed US $1 million, you can negotiate a higher commission rate. Your commission will all be paid in cash.

2. You can send us the order and we will do the shipping either to you or to your client as per your request.

3. If you wish, you can collect the gems personally in singapore.

4. As for payment only a deposit is required until when it is ready for shipping, the balance must be paid.

5. Receipts will be issued for all transactions.

6. Please note that usually deposits are not refundable, this is the amount used to mine and cut the gems and not the value of the gems itself.

If you are still interested in being a broker on our behalf, do email me your contact details and a photo (optional).

This is to ensure that if anyone contacts kingdom mines to ask us if your are broking gems deals for us we can confirm it.

To contact us go to the below website and click on the contact us link and send us an email. Alternatively you can also ask questions in this thread that i am posting in. To see the types of precious stones that we are selling go to the below website and click on the products link.

Website -

***Please note that this is no mlm scheme or some other work home while you sleep scheme, its all hard work, but the rewards are huge. There are no joining fees or any fees to be gemstone broker on behalf of kingdom mines.

Ricky Mendoza - Major share holder of kingdom mines

For Kingdom Mines -

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Bump, position is still open





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