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I have over the last few months reviewed numerous start-ups, most of who, I am pleased to say have taken the initiative and actually create prototypes of their applications and in some cases opened them up to a select group of alpha testers – this is definitely the way forward as it shows potential investors your real commitment to an idea plus its an excellent way to get solid feedback early on.

I have however seen a few ideas die horribly due to early users spotting fundamental business flaws or simply not being interested in an offering. Whilst this can be seriously disheartening for the entrepreneur, the smart ones take-away the learning’s and re-build their platform if possible – in some cases you have to bite the bullet and accept the fact this idea is just not meant to be.

Comments on this theme welcomed…

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I think prototyping is the only way to go. If you are a developer there is no excuse not to do this stage first. I also think prototyping allows you to spot the flaws early yourself and its at that point I normally shelf the project. The shelved products should be saved for another time because sometimes ideas are a bit a head of their time and people/technolgy might move up to the idea.

I think the difficulty is in finding decent testers.
indeed! You need a good mix of tester as well i.e. a good split between those who understand the space / technology very well and those who dont - you mum / gran etc! (this mix depends on the idea obviosuly)
yeah how about :p
As long as its "Web 2.0" idea it might fly ;)




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